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Seedling of cane of clouds of approach of 5000 individual plant
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On March 10, cane of Hangzhou approach clouds fosters idea of volunteer gold heart, want to be in forest division this day, send seedling of cane of clouds of approach of 2000 individual plant to give a reader. Yesterday, ceaselessly the reader hurries to rural community to get approach clouds cane.

Yesterday morning at 7 o'clock half, mr Li hurries to rural community the earliest. "Experienced worker, can open a back door to me, give me the point now, I should hurried back afternoon go going to work. " Mr Li is early in the morning drives from Ning Bo those who come over, be informed from newspaper just should begin to get at 9 o'clock in the morning. So hope gold master can open a permission to go ahead with some project, in advance sends a few to him.

After Mr Li, citizen in a steady stream emerges to rural community ceaselessly. "Did not want last year, today must breakfast. " an aunt solilo-quize. For a short while, the recreational a covered corridor or walk of rural community is lively and extraordinary.

Such setting, golden master has anticipation early actually. So, he begins two days ago and community is additional 3 volunteers are in hind seedling of Ling Xiao cane is cut on hill. Cut 2 days, prepared 5000 individual plant full. Yesterday a day, gave a reader entirely.