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Annatto furniture GB emerges greatly refine
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The country develops and reform committee announcement, rose on September 1 from this year, " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " mark brigadier is carried out formally, the reporter emerges greatly from Zhongshan city yesterday town party card does understanding to, this standard is in Zhongshan " of refine " , one of drafter are set in the research center of annatto furniture technology of this town just about.

Emerge greatly press down one expert introduction, this new standard, will use " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " the furniture that a general designation has annatto culture intention, besides former " annatto " 33 of the standard precious rare be short of a tree to plant or since bright Qing Dynasty the partial tree of continue to use of conventional furniture place is planted outside, still " China basically imports lumber name " standard and " name of Chinese main lumber " standard (contain concealed duramen) lumber of rare or high grade entrance, include annatto furniture the category of culture. And the interest to defend consumer, the standard returns a regulation, the annatto furniture of the sale must indicate grade of place of production of product name, lumber, complementary makings, timber, quality, coating, norms is waited a moment.