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Hainan forest products calls noisy international Linbohui the cane provides Beij
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All sorts of meal of the glossy ganoderma of the desk and chair that the cane arranges, selva, coco, coconut candy and product of coconut carving series, intertropical orchid... come 4 days, the Hainan that appears on exposition of forestry of 2007 China International exhibits a house, exhibit a novel, product subject of rich, forestry is outstanding, attract the Beijing audience of tens of thousands of everyday.

Although the scale in the whole nation does not consider area of Hainan forest land big, but unique area position and resource condition, make Hainan forestry characteristic bright. Tree of the balata of Hainan, coconut, areca, mango growing an area is the whole nation the biggest. When Gu Zhibang of director of national forestry bureau is visitting Hainan to exhibit a house, the characteristic forestry that reveals to revealing system and characteristic product express admiration.

The Chen Zhiwei that in the country some ministries and commissions holds a post says to the reporter, hainan exhibited a house to reveal rich forest products not only, also showed the gain that zoology builds. Coco sea is prevented forest, the impression that the prospect of large spray paint such as selva also gave him to leave profundity. He has feeling ground greatly to say, the tropical scenery tree that coco is Hainan mark sex is planted, charm is attractive, the charm of coconut wind sea that it builds makes a person yearning. It also is first-rate the tree that defy wind is planted, tree of one individual plant has on 10 thousand roots, can touch discharge 12 class typhoon. And, coco whole body is treasure up and down, coconut shell and coconut wood can carve treatment to become various handicraft, hundreds is plant, have distinguishing feature very much, have commemorative sense very much, be worth to buy collect. He still says, a few composition of coco still can abstract treatment coco pink, coconut candy, mouthfeel is pretty good also.

Of Hainan forest next economy grow quickly in last few years, especially cany industry is shown better compare a dominant position. Tea table of the handicraft such as the vase that faces a cane to be braided, pen container, Hua La and delicate cany sofa, cane, a lot of Beijing citizens enquire where spot staff member goes to to be able to be bought. Hainan saves forestry bureau to concern chief introduction, the cane of Hainan kind the market before making items demands exceeds supply, basically export Euramerican wait for a country, cane kind cultivate and treatment perspective is very wide, hopeful becomes Hainan to save the significant income point of growth of Lin Nong of mid and a mountainous area part.

By the fair of forestry of 2007 China International that national forestry bureau sponsors, it is first grand meeting that shows Chinese forestry new technology, new product, new gain, hold 4 years. Current Linbohui was in on December 20 Beijing farming exhibits a house to kick off, 23 days conclude. (
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