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Bamboo structure building is expected to replace traditional structure partly
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Divide university and international Zhu Teng to organize seminar of international of structure of first when sponsor jointly contemporary bamboo to be held in Hunan Changsha greatly by university of Hunan university, the California austral the United States, Japan. Many 50 expert that comes from more than 10 countries such as China, United States, Japan, Australia, Norwegian, India, Brazil, Nepalese, Ecuadorian, Ethiopia assembles in, with the form that seminar of much field special subject and spot see, the topic for discussion such as the policy of technology of structure of the production with respect to bamboo and treatment, contemporary bamboo and bamboo industry and development direction undertook extensive communication and delibrate. Build Rong Baisheng of academician of structural expert, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the ShyamK that scholar of the Yangtse River hires prexy of civil engineering of university of professor, Hunan to be like cliff and international Zhu Teng to organize especially. The civil engineering such as the professor built the domestic and international famous expert of the domain to make learning report on the seminar on invitation. The member that Jiang Zehui of dean of Lin Ke courtyard of member of leading Party group of national forestry bureau, China regards the conference as advisory composition sent congratulatory telegram for congress.

As we have learned, room of bamboo construction activity and building of structure of common brick stone do not have clear distinction on appearance, but internal ability qualitative, texture differs completely. The column of room of bamboo construction activity, Liang Jun is bamboo component or bamboo wood constitutes component part, the wall body of bamboo timberwork still has heat preservation function. Whole activity room is used modular design and make, the building can be torn open quickly, build, building speed efficiency of fast, construction is tall, apply to construction site already use a room temporarily, also can use as rural permanent house. The Xiao Yan that gives bridge of structure of on the world first bamboo according to development teachs the introduction, the building form as a result of room of bamboo structure example and the use function and Europe and North America timberwork villa that are not bamboo to produce a division are consistent, export exit of industry of bamboo of our country of bamboo structure villa, implementation to achieve the can be expected soon of new economic point of growth that collect to these countries and area whole set. The room of bamboo construction activity that the builds a structure expert learned men that attend the meeting still saw be located in building of structure of Hunan university bamboo and lab of construction of civil engineering institute. Rong Baisheng of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering builds medium bamboo structure villa to be in example room held brief start working ceremony, pigheaded issued the first bolt.
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