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Today Ji Jin blows cany careless wind

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The cany grass that always yearns for the jumbly clay breath in childhood memory is sweet, one kind comes from the most primitive nature breath of countryside, after be brought up, be in city of architectural of this reinforced concrete is very difficult again the fragrance that look for goes to. In the high temperature weather that still does not fall continuously after the Beginning of Autumn, I am stepping on the tail of summer, search alls over Beijing ave lane, found today the flavour with the most popular season. Material qualitative diversity is come from to the cane from grass natural

Advocate peace from inn over there the manufacturer, the reporter understands, look be like simple cany grass to weave cloth, its raw material is very different however. Some are awn grass, some are Bai Teng, some are sallow or bamboo, some are to use corn skin and corn stalk, useful still even paper is braided and become.

Rough cloth of Shandong some cane produces business to tell a reporter, these raw material are to producing field use local materials, be discarded by the farmer very much more originally, for instance corn skin is mixed corn stalk, they come to these gather up to try to use, "Become useless to be treasure " .

These material are taken from pure natural farming plant, through catharsis and high temperature processing, some still can undertake coloring or brush paint, and some are presenting primitive colour and lustre and view, after making finished product, still can smell light cany grass is sweet.

Fab, ordinary corn stalk the package that can make such grace actually.

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