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How cane of choose and buy art furniture
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Cany art furniture although advantage is great, but the branch that also has actor of low quality character as a result of the cane, there also is tricks of the trade when the choose and buy so. Scrutiny material pledges cane of choose and buy makes furniture had better set out character from material, the choice of cany material with thick long, well-balanced and it is high grade cane without motley cane. Inferior cane is fine, tenacity is small, tension force is small break easily. Forcibly the surface of lever of rub rub cane, special attention section whether does the part have coarse or uneven feeling. Indonesian because be located in equatorial selva area, volcanic activity is frequent, rainwater of sunshine of all the year round is filled match, soil of rich volcanic grey matter, make over there producing cane pledges with material full and well-balanced and celebrated. The cane with prevailing watch a person's every mood art series furniture chooses best cany capable person, vapour of classics high temperature finalizes the design the manufacturing technology that reachs a level refines and become, cany lever asks degree of finish is consistent, colour and lustre is even. The cane makes the integral color of furniture whether agree, agglutinate position is solid, whether is the exterior to examine rightly the main factor of its stand or fall. To deserving to have the cany chair of seat cushion, the arc that should observe seat cushion carefully with furniture arc whether be identical, joining together of cloth fabrics design is orderly, dental floss is erect.

Cane implement nurse little at 4 o'clock common sense

1, when use and be being deposited, do not make its contact is mixed stand by igneous cause, heat source, do not put below the sun to insolate for long, otherwise easy fade, desiccate, be out of shape, bend, craze, become loose and be out of line.

2, the place that because the cane makes up furniture surface,hides ash is more, usable cleaner is sucked first when cleanness all over or brush with down by in outward first floating dust flick away, wipe with wet dishcloth next, wipe with soft dishcloth finally can.

3, after use period of time, wipe a cane with weak brine implement, already can decontamination can make its flexibility abiding again, it is certain to still have prevent fragile, insect-resistant the action of eat by moth.

4, unbleached rattan furniture renovates a processing technique: First cleanness dries, use sandpaper burnish next the arbor outside its, make cuticular decontamination restores smooth, again glazing oil is protected.