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Good qualities of true and false of furniture of rattan of choose and buy wants
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Cany furniture it may be said is one of the oldest furniture breed on the world, now nowadays, as a result of its the environmental protection sex of the natural sex of material and product gets the attention of consumer especially. Nowadays, in international the new breed of brand of famous and outdoors furniture, copy rattan furniture is appearing, and mix the false with the genuine, walk into the eye shot of people. Natural rattan furniture should notice to maintain furniture of artificial copy rattan sees a new world

Use artificial data easier cleanness maintains

Copy rattan furniture is distinct substantial

Cany furniture points to era namely those furniture that give priority to raw material with the cane. However, because enrage the reason such as temperature and humidity, cany furniture opens fission body easily in north, and, as a kind of natural material, although the cane loves, also be faced with raw material however rare the issue that lack. Accordingly, battalion of copy rattan furniture carries and be born. Clever furniture manufacturer people the material that begins to apply copy cane makes furniture, its vision effect is distinct, what have natural cane to cannot be likened to however is light, solid and the individual character of sturdy.

If use white wax, the furniture that aquatic treatment makes, and a few plastic furniture, although go up character in material as disparate as the cane, but final furniture place appears skin texture, configuration, it is characteristic even very similar, in some sense, "Cany furniture " familial amplification, what also reflected people to live to honest, nature is yearning with pursuit. In the meantime, these emulate cany furniture, what because hold concurrently,provide other data is idiosyncratic, be like " plastic rattan furniture " more outstanding plastic light, corrosion resistance is strong etc idiosyncratic, and they compare cany petty gain in the price not only for the most part a lot of, return dispense with the trouble that the cane makes need maintain. Once these copy rattan furniture appear, caused people attention, exhibit in large furniture nowadays in, copy rattan furniture had held position, it satisfied the market demand of different climate area not only, also proved stylist and manufacturer again people the ceaseless development that explores to furniture material.

Special technology lets cany disposition stabilize a cane, serve as a kind fast raw material, increase with what reflected people environment consciousness at the production of furniture and return to natural desire, as all sorts of canes art, green technology products walks into an innumberable families, it has been become new round household adornment is fashionable. The cane is a kind close-grained and solid deft and tough natural material, have do not be afraid of extruding, complaisant bouncy character. Because its are produced from south, whether can cany furniture get used to northward and dry climate to make the attention point with the mainest customer consequently. According to Shuang Xie the furniture expert of furniture is told, present cany furniture overcame natural material to suffer defect of eat by moth, metabolic easily on the craft that make, when the furniture that make, after having careful treatment to material, pass processing of high temperature of ultraviolet illuminate disinfection, vapour even, make cany raw material into the norms of uniform treatment, make thereby the cane that makes implement the surface is exquisite, bright and clean, and have mouldproof, moth-proofing with healthful characteristic. A few more high-grade rattan furniture, pass oily daub of dozen of light, glazing even, paint even color, make finished product appears firm and durable.
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