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The cane makes skill of furniture choose and buy
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Since the cane makes life of furniture ask oneself, it is the first choice of the personage furniture such as the bookman that goes after elegant grade, distinguished personages all the time. The cane is firm in the belt is soft, soft in see firm, wear well, winter is warm Xia Liang, not mildew not eat by moth, acid-proof fight corrode, waterproof breathe freely, do not crack changeless form, special in sorching summer more reveal cool and refreshing, have kiss with the body and, the particular advantage such as absorption of heat suction sweat. Occupy position from beginning to end in tradition and contemporary furniture, acting indispensable part.

The cane makes furniture be given priority to with thick cane besides trunk framework part outside, cany face all weaves with fine cane for the most part, let furniture put have space, permeability is good, the easy that increases a contact is measurable. Cany material because texture is softer, extend a gender tall, can model piece relatively changeable modelling or line, because this often is used to,also make the recreational chair that pays attention to soft tactility.

The cane makes furniture reach act the role of tasted sort

The furniture that makes with cany material place basically includes table of bedside desk, seat, sofa, tea table, coffee, recreational chair and cabinet. Because the cane knits a face softer, won't use as bearinged furniture, and the cane makes domestic act the role ofing taste give priority to with the container such as basket of place other people, vase. The material that at present cany material weaves, handiwork and technical origin all are given priority to with the conventional technology of southeast Asia area, be full of old southern Asia amorous feelings, relatively suffer middleaged group love.

To let a youth also can be accepted, cany furniture can do special coloring processing, satisfy the need of consumer of more age layer. In addition, the cane makes furniture also make change more on modelling. Combine complex material to pledge, if serve as handle or foot of desk and chair to make up with the metal of bronze-coloured or bar of bake in a pan,give model; Or adds lovely cloth pad, all can let cany chair have contemporary feeling more it seems that.

Tie-in and natural material builds outstanding effect

The cany material that contains a lot ofnatural charm is being decorated act the role of tasted collocation to go up, can make full use of natural material builds outstanding effect, place fruit or dry flower, dried fruit to wait in cany basket or cany vase for example. The cane makes furniture or the cane is made act the role of tasted main and tie-in means, besides mastering natural, elegance, recreational principle, give priority to with colour namely next. When dimensional mass-tone tone is brunet when, the cany goods of the choose and buy but tendency coffee or puce. The home of light color occupies a space, the cane that can choose light color or other facial expression makes thing, tie-in color relatively flowery, bright cushion or cloth are acted the role of article.
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