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The choose and buy of cany art furniture
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1, cane implement divide craft of manual work out careful, modelling is novel and beautiful outside, the mainest is to examine cany equipment to pledge admirable. Be like shrivel of cany material surface, showing this furniture is to use young tender cane is machined and become, tenacity difference, intensity is low, break off easily and corrode. Cany art furniture is paid attention to with material, divide the cane that uses Yunnan beyond, material of a lot of cane comes from the southeast Asia country such as Indonesian, Malaysia, these cany quality of a material are solid, degree of finish of from beginning to end is consistent.

2, can both hands holds cany furniture edge, shake gently, feeling frame is firm.

3, be in with the palm furniture surface wipe off, if very smooth, the feeling that does not have difficult to handle was opposite.

4, the burnish that has a look at furniture surface is even, whether to have stain, contamination of waste enamel and moth-eaten mark.