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Metallic furniture choose and buy has exquisite
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In the market furniture of metal of choose and buy, should pay attention to following points: 1. Film plating chromic part, plated film appropriate is bright beautiful Hua Shuang, smooth but person of ancient bronze mirror, film cannot bubble, cannot rust, cannot show yellow, cannot have cut.

Plating titanium part, colour and lustre cannot float white, you Jilou is white, other the chromium that be the same as plating.

Gush model part, film is not had fall off, without a knot in one's heart, without elephant skin, without rust spot. Bright and clean and exquisite, moist heavy fact.

2. The metal is in charge of material and metal of riveting fold place to provide a part, cannot have fold seam, interstitial, open solder, indentation; The place that surround a turn cannot have pleat, arc should pliable smooth; Weld cannot have empty solder, leakage solder, solder to wear, head of welding wire of stomatic, remain, burr, need polish fruity: Ying Guangjie of tube wall surface is flowing, feel is fluent.

Riveting part, should firm do not become loose, rivet round head and periphery should be not had glossily break mark or burr.

Fold part, should Zhang Ge freelies easily, loosen closely nevertheless nevertheless proper. Fold bed, chair, stool, sofa, desk when opening, 4 feet should be on same horizontal.