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The choose and buy of cany art furniture and maintain
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Last when strolling on the weekend, discovered the household inn of style of a Philippine design, the cane that displays inside makes furniture cancel the past event when removing my childhood. In one's childhood, the home has two phoenix tree that grew a few years in atrium courtyard, still have an a camphor, cedar. Annual spring erect of branches and leaves, draw many birds to make a check. Later, a little strange fine cane begins to twining old tree overgrowth. Elementary school takes the first on " 3 exceedingly " that year, father cuts next fine canes, twist 34 into a thick cane, a knot is on Chinese parasol, a knot is on camphor, made a simple and easy swing. I and little sister are sitting to shake by turns, flash is a childhood. Return old home before a few years, the root is then fine fine swing still is in, just in those days two girls that plunge into horsetail plait already graceful.

Withhold about the sweet memory of cane and tree in one's childhood up to now, when decorating household so, I am special also partial cane goods. Cany colour is quiet and tastefully laid out, the style is pure and fresh and plain, after blending in contemporary and excellent design art, cany art furniture has the deft and durable, advantage that sheds linear strong, refined of primitive simplicity, especially the vitality of their place make public, build for whole household give a kind of simple natural flavor. Add the collocation that show originality, let live in the city " cement wood " we, have a pure and fresh beginning everyday.

The cane is a kind of natural material, close-grained and solid deft and tough, do not be afraid of crowded, do not be afraid of pressure, complaisant and bouncy. The cane with people loving now place art furniture, its make craft bend and basically be become with Zhu Teng. Much with " beat " , " empty " , " fold " , " music " and " arc " photograph of law waiting for ability is united in wedlock, or braid with what all sorts of differring gimmick and braid skill to constitute different decorative pattern pattern. Changed pallet in the past, coarse frame, make the cane all sorts of chic and beautiful furniture, small to box, lamps and lanterns, wait to bed, table, sofa greatly.

Furniture of cany sitting room is cany art furniture in most perfect, have a color most. Beautiful and comfortable, the sitting room furniture that arranges with cany core, downy, exquisite, fluent, of primitive simplicity of the do one's best on modelling and colour, all show craft beauty; Dining-room furniture pays attention to construction and colorific collocation, with thick cany chair, desk is full of period flavor, the sense that gives a person is strong and fruity, shift is very convenient also; Study furniture criterion often modelling is beautiful and pure and fresh, deserve to have the cany seat of soft mat, use comfortable, with form a complete set of casing of book of simple and easy small bookshelf, be born, very harmonious and harmonious.

Additional, 1000 appearance the cane of 100 condition art small place more household adds another elegant demeanour. Modelling of cany art desk lamp is chic, the light is downy, warmth is elegant. Of cane natural glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared on simple sense and desk, delicate and ablaze adornment, glasswork mutual set off. Cany art pendent lamp is compact and do not break drab, the style that pursues nature with modern dress is harmonious and unified. The cane makes a vase wear a particular cane to curve radian and tension, the style of straight line structure with wood is disparate, richer formative changes, have a variety of pattern such as piscine form, minaret form normally.
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