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Choose a cane to have tricks of the trade
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Above all, want to have abiding and durable cane to make furniture, besides cleanness, the character with cany material itself and braid craft also be closely bound up. Still want to select admirable cany capable person as far as possible so.

With the cany material sort that braids at furniture cent is several kinds: Bai Teng compares element soft, suit all sorts of type that answer annulus to braid, basically use at making tea table, round-backed armchair, single bed wait; Chi Teng shows palm red or deep rose red, quality of a material is haler, suit all sorts of plane to braid, the head of a bed that is like screen, mensal desktop, double bed; Zhu Teng renown " agate cane " , because its glossiness is good, you Ruma Nao is spread all over to pester the natural decorative pattern like silk above. Zhu Teng is the classy cane with high price, not only beautiful, constituent structure is thick, have high waterproof properties, and rich flexibility of this kind of cane pole, not easy cruel crack, conserve gets good word, can maintain the life of 30 years of above.

The whole world has a variety of 600 canes to come from Indonesia, indonesian be located in equator, and major islands is located in earthquake of volcano of annulus Pacific Ocean to take, the rainwater with rich eruption soil and enough sunshine, abundant nutrition, the cane that lets here is brawny, full, colour and lustre is even, character is excellent. So if possible word, the choice collects the furniture that braids from cany material of Indonesia, assurance coefficient will be relatively a few taller.

The ten million when choosing a cane to make furniture should be accomplished " the eye arrives in one's hand " , because material is qualitative beautiful, braid masterly cane to make furniture be embedded not easily corrupt, the meeting on conserve holds a lot of hearts less. "The eye arrives " it is 6 respects that show observation cane makes furniture, want to see the front, or so side not only, mix above below want attentive observation. Line is fluent, fittings is dovish, pull move or roll is agile, want one by one give attention to two or morethings; "The hand arrives " it is to point to when to buying cany goods, must be felt with the hand, feel slippery suitable, not difficult to handle just is high grade likely article.