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Put an end to fake cheat expert to show classic furniture to discern skill
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Classic furniture collects heat to warm up continuously, element of Chinese classic household is wide welcome. Naughty " old furniture " also made a kind of a kind of tide, investment it seems that. Old furniture also begins even Europe to join the competition of the antiquated furniture market of Beijing. Regard our country as the elite in classic furniture, furniture of bright Qing Dynasty with its charge for the making of sth. careful, culture insides information dye-in-the-wood, appreciate to become collector the vacuum is giant and naturally people the good-for-nothing or queer character that collects everywhere. However, the cultural relic of archaic furniture and other kind is same, also have cheat appearance, and the gimmick of fake is more and more brillant. The fake of archaic furniture, already became every furniture to collect, hobby and investigator cannot evasive thorny issue. Last week, come to wide battalion Beijing center of classic furniture art held still ancient city a classic furniture collects a lecture, classic furniture collects expert Zhu Guizhi to disclose to the reporter, classic furniture sees presumable bogus difficult differentiate, want cheat only actually, a lot of place is met give the show away.

Identify bavin wood native place to provide

Zhu Guizhi puts forward, the make an imitation that bavin wood native place has, basically have two methods: Make use trace and the part that use ancient furniture medley.

Make use mark: Spill on the furniture that has made newly on clean out water in which rice has been washed and tea water, put aside the slimy land that is outdoor to go up next, hold the post of its insolation drench, after relapsing a few times in 3 two months, mu Wen will be natural craze, paint chap flakes, hair of log colour and lustre is dark, show the old spirit of harships of classics of a kind of all previous, the time that ases if a few years about a hundred years condenses be inside, can have cheated very much dilettante. The mark of water be soiled that tastes really does not exceed a inch commonly, of fake often can exceed a lot of.

Compare tall furniture to a few use frequency, be like table, bin, fake person brush a trace with steel wire ball in the surface normally, teacup of the reoccupy after lacquer irons a print on, delimit with the knife a few mark, like looking to resembled using a few years really.

To make packet of starch, the person that have some of make an imitation is commonly used lubricious cheat of lacquer tree fat, use leather shoes oil even. And the bag oar that forms naturally, feel without a bit algidity, have the icy feeling of Wen Runru jade instead, and the includes an oar to have hand of sticky acerbity block sense that makes newly, and have a strange taste. Be like attentive observation, not difficult differentiate gives true bogus. This method also is most commonly used with one of effective methods.

To achieve more clear result, some bosses return the drawer in furniture board on make the gap that has been bitten by mice, or the old stuff that passes with bug eat by moth accomplishs crucial position to go up, more absolutely is, raised borer special eat by moth gives special effect.
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