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Teach you how to know cany art furniture
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About what it is the certain issue that how furniture of cany art, cane art makes, even if the people that pursues furniture trade several years also is met sometimes promiscuous. Actually, do not have wicker plant, the meaning that the cane makes up weaves the course of furniture namely with cane. This kind of cane is one kind grows at tropical forest (resembling is Asia or South America) medium, be similar to the palmy division plant of grapevine. Its leaf is pricked more, enter in cane normally decorticate try to enroll before the program of chair seat, on the offensive is versed in its eliminate. The bine inside its very resemble bulrush lever, in be classified before goods of a cany art, want first will inside the figure that the bine cuts evenness, circle or ellipse with the machine.

Cany art furniture becomes the corridor that loves for people and court furniture early, to an any rooms inside the building, also be first-rate countryside feels furniture. But whether do you know, braid furniture similarly to be in Gu Shan a group of things with common features and Gu Ai and right-and-left period had early. The person of times of Yi Lisha white dynasty also braids furniture with withe, but before the deserted packing material that the someone that finds in dock edge to him in Cyrus Wakefield discards is interested, the cane that goes up without real significance art work. What he discovers is many with the cane that will maintain ship position and be in subsequently of 19 centuries braid research, drove the development of cany art furniture. (his cane art furniture company is final with Haywood brotherly company incorporated, became famous Haywood - company of furniture of heart of Wei Kefei Er. )

The term related cany art


A kind of bine has very knaggy vivacious plant. The pulling force of bamboo is larger than iron and steel, often use in furniture. Although it is cleft, but what differ with board is, these cleft bamboo the integrality that does not affect furniture. Bamboo is additionally one kind of housing materials that used several centuries. Be similar to the bamboo of cane, want than what most person thinks many solid, because its fiber is down the bine fore-and-aft grow. The comparative result that bamboo and concrete, iron and steel and brick have shows normally bamboo is thought to compare the other data besides iron and steel solid. A lot of intertropical material furniture are made with bamboo, brought the sense that makes a person cheerful, optional to the family.


A kind of plant calls section bine the plant (resembling is sugar cane) , in furniture, the bine is to show cane is external normally cuticular. If pare cany skin, can make its many cane be classified chair or make decoration.


This kind of cane is one kind grows the palmy division plant that is similar to grapevine. The cane is one of lumber sort of the most foregone horniness, want than hardwood of any a kind of United States hard, with steely hardness close. Because cane fiber is fore-and-aft, so they formed network of a piece of fiber, be similar to bull cable, also explained its intensity and flexibility accordingly. Be in only lumber still crudely or after had immersed or heating to become withy with vapour, cane just can enroll work. However, cane once desiccate is permanent maintained appearance. The cane is the lumber of water of a kind of very easy ooze, it is very accordingly easy chromatically.
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