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China won the silver medal in mother led his unit to the three female Asian v
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Women's sepak takraw team final, China's 0-2 loss to the girl with "sepak takraw Kingdom," said the Thai team, but the harvest of the team silver medal in Asian Games history, the best results. Bangkok Asian Games started from 1988, Wang spent, Sun Xiaodan, Zhou Rong three sisters on the red vines with the Chinese women's team battle. Chinese women's team in Asian Games history rattan made 1 silver and 5 bronze, are related with them. They have been sweep the Asian Games bronze medal in three groups, Wang spent also won silver medals in a single race group. This time, the three-year-old women but also for the Chinese team won a silver medal, and created a history of sepak takraw women's team the best results. The next women's doubles Game, two will be Sun King to the gold. From teenagers to thirty years, from the young girl to "Mother player." Ten years time, Wang flower, Sun Xiaodan, Zhou Rong red three, the best time gave sepak takraw. The end of the last Asian Games, they will not be on that Again, but, sepak takraw in China in an awkward position, lean, the face of the coach's call, has not played sepak takraw 4 years of their family and work down, then returned to the court. 4 years did not touch sepak takraw, which 4 years, their lives and there is no difference between an ordinary person, three of them are from Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Yakeshi are primary and secondary school physical education teacher, working during the day and at night with children. But the coach received a phone call to immediately leave their jobs and children, put "shirt", turned the national team, return to their beloved vine course. Wang flower is the latest back, just to participate in training when it comes to a thigh strain, while the vine to the team stationed in the Asian Games Village distress even before the doctor did not, everything can only rely on their own adjustments. Wang spent the first phone call after the game where her high school principal. Rattan team only six months of subsidies hundred dollars, sepak takraw can not bring them any revenue, uphold for so many years, purely because of the heat of the campaign Love. In addition to three of them "old age" players, the team almost all the other 90 players. Coach Zhang Yongbin said: "The three old players too hard, is mother of the child, and not easy, but the role of women in the team is great . " 90 field workers after the snow confidently told reporters, "our next Asian Games."