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Big hill old farmer learns to braid technology of international bamboo cane to g
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Sponsor by center of network of international bamboo cane, management board of groove guard of karst of national level Mao Lan undertakes, bureau of Guizhou Province forestry assist those who do " international Zhu Teng braids a technology to groom class " the class flew in Li wave county recently. Will pass use the rich bamboo resource inside groove guard, help villager people begin bamboo to make up artwork treatment, open to become rich for them road.

The bamboo that comes from Chinese bamboo to organize artistic country writes Great Master Chen Yunhua's husband and wife, establish asset crosses the Yun Huazhu brigade of 100 million the bamboo that limited company is organization of international bamboo cane makes handicraft groom base. Their put oneself out of the way visits the spot to impart bamboo invents a technology, the ABC that introduced bamboo to make up and bamboo write the huge economy value with potential handicraft, delivered bamboo to control an industry brand-new information, imparted the basic technical ability that bamboo makes up, from anthology bamboo, blow blueness, make thin bamboo strip arrive braid waited for whole process to make patience demonstrate guidance meticulously, handgrip hand ground teachs masses study basic skill, their adept and excellent bamboo groups technology and the artistic high-quality goods that group bamboo technology and culture, artistic dissolve to be an organic whole, arouse the desire of curious attend school with local strong masses, masses study passion is exalted, study atmosphere is very powerful. Center of network of international bamboo cane expresses, will do his best the study that helps local masses accept deeper arrangement grooms, explore a way that become rich hard, guide masses to walk out of tired area to become rich at an early date go straight towards well-off.