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3 kinds of wood are popular Russia
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Our country wood is in Russia the market basically is 3 kinds of big demand exuberant:

The first kind is product of ligneous building materials. Be like of all kinds and wooden floor, real wood floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor and aggrandizement compound floor has certain consumer group, among them with aggrandizement compound floor demand is the biggest, sale rate is the rapiddest also. In addition, housing adornment is decorated with of all kinds plank, like joinery board, in density board, compositive material board piece, plywood, beaverboard and real wood door mix all sorts of decorating to use ligneous product.

The 2nd kind is wooden furniture. Basically include all sorts of bedroom furniture, office furniture and kitchen furniture, resemble ark of ark of bed of medium, high-grade wood, bookcase, bedroom, chest, shoe, desk chair, sofa, ambry.

The 3rd kind is a variety of daily upholster are tasted reach articles for daily use. Sort of this kind of wood is most, the amount is the largest also, chair of the bamboo mat that cushion of the walking stick that makes from rare wood, wood, Zhu Teng makes, cane and of all kinds and ligneous handicraft are hanged, wear like car of small Mu Zhong, lugger, pony, small candlestick, desk calendar, the hand acts the role of a box to wait a moment, full of beautiful things in eyes of it may be said, rich and colorful. This kind of product most the favour that gets Russia intelligentsia personage and young generation customer.