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China rattan team appears only non-Olympic College Volleyball feet developmen
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Sepak takraw game has been fighting for two days, although the set of seats in the small arena, but fans still can not come to watch the battle fill them with badminton, table tennis match scene difficult to get a ticket compared to a little self- entertainment from the music feeling. Yesterday, reporters from China, Thailand, South Korea, several teams of coaches, athletes and rattan co-chairs of sub-Halim, on the status of sepak takraw and in the future to do a lot understanding. Prevalent in Southeast Asia have the league there are stars Sepak takraw produced in Malay areas, integration of the volleyball, soccer, badminton and other sports features, is a need for high skills and high spectator sport, now in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries prevail. "Do we have the league, just as China's badminton league, table tennis league as well." Thailand's coach, said Wei Lana Nongkai, sepak takraw in Thailand has developed more than 50 years, almost everyone of the "feet on the volleyball, "it is already a national sport. It is understood that the sport is not only prevalent in Southeast Asia, in Europe and America began to pop up, Finland, Canada, Korea, Laos, Yemen, league. About the league, coach of Thailand is proud to say that their league about 2 months, the league, they also create a superstar. Speaking revenue problem, Thailand coach said, "not bad, about 2,000 yuan now, in Thailand Xiangdang Yu Yi Fen pretty good job." In addition to wages, they are of advertisement fees, appearance fees and other income. League has just launched in South Korea sepak takraw, held 5 times a year, are Sai Huizhi's. As for income, privacy South Korean coaches refused to disclose. Training college students in China is only 600 yuan monthly subsidy In China, reporters almost no one in sepak takraw. "We are the competition, are college students, training three or four months, they have to go back to school, not the national team." Chinese head coach Zhang Yongbin Rattan said. It is understood that, in order to participate in the Beijing Asian Games, 1987, China set up a rattan team. Why develop for 23 years, sepak takraw movement in China has also seen improvement, Zhang Yongbin gave away the secret: "non-Olympic projects chant!" The participating members, mostly from the Tianjin University of Technology, Zhengzhou University, Institute of Physical Education, training base in Liaoning young students, to the Games, gathered in Guangzhou, training three to four months longer than their respective finish back to school to study. "Every month, 600 yuan of subsidy made, the end of training no friends." Speaking of which, Zhang coaches are helpless. Guangzhou Asian vine pull together to do "experimental field" For the overall development of sepak takraw projects, sub-Halim ambitious co-chairs of rattan, his ideal is to enter the Olympic Games sepak takraw. He will consider the overall package of sepak takraw face, such as table tennis players to follow short skirts, to create its own idol player ... ... Will shuttlecock, to provide a good foundation in sepak takraw. Guangzhou is just a "shuttlecock town", will host as Halim promote sepak takraw in China the "experimental field." "I even hope to sepak takraw into each of the schools in China." Halim said. In Halim's eyes, if the development of China's sepak takraw, then "sepak takraw in the Olympic Games," not far away, and he predicted in the Olympic Games some time in 2020.