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Rattan and Iron Arts & Crafts export base in China Signing
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27, Anxi County, the county government and held by the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce to build the "Anxi Rattan and Iron Arts & Crafts export base in China," signing ceremony. Anxi County, the base for rattan craft industry in the international trade of iron on the market to expand even wider stage, urging the county health rattan iron technology industry stable, efficient, rapid and sustainable development. Anxi County is a "hometown of Chinese tea," is "China's iron craft rattan village." Rattan and Iron technology industry is not only the largest export earner in Anxi, Anxi livelihood is industry. To the end of 2009, the county has 282 rattan iron crafts enterprises, including 58 large enterprises, 73 enterprises to import and export, the annual output value of 3.0 billion, the amount of 120 million yuan in taxes; exports worth 320 million U.S. dollars, the product exported to the United States, European Union, Australia, Middle East and other 104 countries and regions, the county's total exports exports accounted for more than 80%, accounting for about one-third of the volume of transactions of similar products, is the largest production and rattan iron crafts export base.