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Cling to li island cane implement
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Go Indonesian cling to before li island, listen to a person to say, the furniture over there, act the role of tasting full ground all is, was full of full-bodied southeast Asia amorous feelings, so beautiful that let a person cannot help wanting to bring back entirely.

You arrived over there, just as one would expect. Do not see an island go into the street narrow, those sell all sorts of furniture, adorn tasted small shop is next to to leave in street both sides, such shop is continuous all the time a few kilometers, and such street, be in cling to the without number on li island.

Allegedly, indonesian man great majority pursues artistic job: Sculpture, painterly, these acting the role of article with respect to out their hand. In fact, we discover, shop is connecting treatment mill, local is hawked at the same time, produce at the same time. Although live in things amount not to poor, but main concentration is 3 kinds big: Cane implement, carpentry and stone implement.