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Cany art inn sells " elegant " draw middleaged person
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[Origin: Guangzhou daily]   article / pursue / souvenir Zhe Linlin Store of cany art shop grows
Cany art inn

  Successful secret Ji

Technology is made in traditional cane goods, join the concept that contemporary furniture makes, take complete set, series, detachable the design that can go all out. And go up in the sale, yang Jun developed him again " professional skill " , offer furniture choice and the proposal that furnish a respect for clients.

   Market potential

As life quality rise, a lot of high quality clients like to seek the furniture articles for use that have traditional lasting appeal and does not take off tide gradually, cany goods is their new option.

   Risk clew

The client of Guangzhou to the cane art article still fail to be accepted in the round, temporary likelihood is accepted only gadgety, and the acceptance of big furniture rate still is not very high.

   Optional location proposal

Appreciation accepts the person that cany art tastes, it is to had gotten the higher education, consumption group that has certain knowledge to conventional furniture commonly, so the optional location of storefront had better be mixed in university periphery what have grade quite is high-grade uptown around. Data and investment proposal are general offer reference

Of Yang Jun " cany art house " leave in bank Jiang Dong, those who sell is the furniture that cany wood makes completely: Tea table of chair of desk of cany bed, cane, cane, cane... why be less than furniture city or commercial flourishing street, should run to Jiang Bian to sell furniture? Yang Jun says, what cany art tastes pursuit is natural feeling, too noisy business street does not reveal those who give them " temperamental " ; The client that its are aimed at group it is the crowd with income level and higher grade, what those shopping is city more little male girl, do not know appreciation this kind of artistic things.

   Cany art tastes the art that is nature

See Yang Jun say to get clear and logical, he is not dinkum businessmen however actually. What he learns is interior design, to bright Qing Dynasty the home has long research, the cane in the house art tasting is his design, next by the cane of a few traditions art the factory is made. Because he thinks,wanting to make this group is, at present on the furniture market of Guangzhou, be full of the skin that has western local color to provide in great quantities, cloth art, design each respect somewhat confine, market is narrower. And he values complete handmade product quite, for instance of cany goods make the conventional technology that is China, be replaced not easily, and what ask to quality of articles for daily use as people is ceaseless rise, the hope has artistic precipitation to be inside, so he was maintained it is certain to do cany art to taste have the market.
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