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Contemporary cane art the characteristic of furniture
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Craft is exquisite

The craft that make basically bends with Zhu Teng and become, much with " beat " , " empty " , " fold " , " paper " , " music " , and " Gu " be united in wedlock, or constitute different decorative pattern pattern with all sorts of different spin technique and spin skill. The range of products of style elegance, was full of life breath and culture grade. It is deft sex of durable, streamline is comfortable and strong, natural, brought to people pure and fresh " green " wind, relaxed and happy letting a person. Its are great-hearted the furniture that the feeling of quietly elegant is other material make it more can not compare.

Colour grace

Third labour cane art home colour has poetics picture idea. Glittering and translucent and the mystery with the romance of the halcyon, bronze-coloured of silver grey color, Gong Zong's lubricious ad cool-headed, lubricious blackish green, bright, smooth and fruity, more it is lacquer with transparent color. Maintained the style with cany material peculiar itself so, its accumulate contained nature and honest, also let be tired of city flourishing with ripsnorter people, find the sense of heart of a kind of solace very easily. As suitable as the other article in the bedroom, it can build a refined culture atmosphere. If be covered on curve of form of the column side desk of sofa, chair,catch green, blue, red wait for color, center of cushion for leaning on is set with similar decorative pattern pattern, make this contains the flavor of abstract painting, very grab eye, chic. White cane implement the lotus that sets on mat of sanded carbuncle on the back, concise Qing Li, juanxiu is easy, extremely rich nature feels pure and freshly.

Modelling diversity

Cany art furniture basically divides it is 5 kinds big: The furniture outdoor, also call room inside and outside amphibious furniture. Both on modelling those who have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever, be like a garden, swim the roundlet desk that Chi Bian furnishs, chair, deck chair is. Gutty still be full of recreational emotional appeal sway model sofa armchair, pleasure is great. Sitting room furniture is cany art furniture in most perfect, have a color most. One beautiful and comfortable, with fine medicinal powder the sitting room furniture that core arranges, downy, exquisite, fluent, of primitive simplicity of the do one's best on modelling and colour, all show craft beauty. Dining-room furniture is particularly exquisite construction and colorific are tie-in, reflect its showily and elegant artistic trait adequately. 5 thick cany that cover with 7 model of chair, desk is original, be full of period flavor. The seat of cane of essence of life still contains small trundle, the sense that gives a person is strong and fruity, shift is very convenient. Study furniture has big, small desk and multipurpose computer desk. They stay have space of enough the genu that put a leg, deserve to go up again the cany desk and chair of soft mat, modelling is beautiful, use comfortable, very form a complete set, as harmonious as bookcase of simple and easy small bookshelf, be born.
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